What Is Eleboards

Eleboards is about delivering your message, changing your message, updating for short term special circumstances or adding social media feeds as they happen fast and efficiently with minimal cost.

With Eleboards you are able to instantly upload Images and PDF documents to your billboard.

Cloud Storage

Every Eleboards plan includes cloud storage.

You can upload images and PDF's. We take care of resizing for 720p, 1080p, 4k resolution monitors. And the good news is we only count the original images file size towards your limit.

We will be releasing pricing details in the near future.
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With Eleboards our special application platform gives you the advantage over the traditional billboard platform. No longer are you limited to just displaying images. You can install/create/commission rich dynamic applications.

Say you want show customers your Twitter/Facebook/Social Media feed live along with your advertisements or message, with eleboards now you can. There really is not a lot you cannot do. Instead of hearing no you cannot do that, or your vision would cost megabucks, Eleboards enables your vision to become reality.

Eleboards Sync

Leveraging the latest in cloud based technology allows for instant updating of noticeboards/billboards within seconds.

No more sending out Tapes, DVD's, Posters etc

Sit back and let the internet work for you.

Eleboards Hardware

At Eleboards we believe that hardware is an integral part of delivering the Eleboards Vision

We will be offering a small Intel Haswell based device that can fit behind a screen. It features a 16GB SSD drive along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE and allows for 2 mirrored screens to be connected while only taking up one Eleboards display slot.

Shortly after release we will be enabling iBeacon Support

We will also be offering a GPS module along with development SDK's so that developers can leverage location services.


With Eleboards we have opened the platform up to allow for HTML, CSS, Javascript based application development.

Applications are broken up into the following types;

Full Screen Applications
Slide Applications
Clock Applications

We are excited to see what sort of applications people can think of.


By default we require HTTPS for all administration services.

Any device we sell has a randomised Root password that is sent via HTTPS to our server and encrypted.

We use the latest version of Linux Fedora and automatically update these devices.

We take security seriously. If you think you have found an issue please let us know

About Us

Eleboards is a Geo Com Ltd Venture.

Geo Com Ltd has been running since 2006 from Auckland, New Zealand. We have been offering web services and programming since the beginning.

In 2011 we added Electronic Noticeboards to our list of services. We feel that Eleboards is the natural progression of this service. Eleboards offers a much more flexible and adaptive service than has been achieved before. We believe that Eleboards is the game changer that makes setting up and running powerful electronic noticeboards easier than ever before.

Join Us

Shortly we will be opening up registration. At this time we are in a closed beta. If you would like to be updated on progress please sign up for our newsletter below.

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